Prep School: Making Primitive Weapons

Welcome to Prep School! It’s easy to be intimidated by a hardcore prepper with 30 years of food stores, multiple bug-out locations, and an off-the-grid power system. Prep School exists to let you in on three big prepping secrets. SECRET ONE: Nobody starts perfect.SECRET TWO: Prepping is fun.SECRET THREE: Prepping isn’t just for The End […]

Thermodynamics of the Earth and Planets

This textbook provides an intuitive yet mathematically rigorous introduction to the thermodynamics and thermal physics of planetary processes. It demonstrates how the workings of planetary bodies can be understood in depth by reducing them to fundamental physics and chemistry. The book is based on two courses taught by the author for many years at the […]

Coastal Disasters and Climate Change in Vietnam: Engineering and Planning P…

Coastal Disasters and Climate Change in Vietnam is the first book to focus specifically on natural hazards and climate change in Vietnam. The book examines threats such as tropical cyclones, sea-level rise, flooding, erosion, and salinity intrusion, and their respective effects on coastal structures and environments. It also looks at crucial management and mitigation efforts, […]