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A Guide to the End of the World: Everything You Never Wanted to Know

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A Guide To The End Of The World

Pub Date : 2004-01-08 | Author : Bill McGuire | Publisher : Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN 10 : 0192804529
ISBN 13 : 9780192804525

Life on earth will come to an end. It's just a matter of when. A Guide to the End of the World focuses on the many potential catastrophes facing our planet and our species in the f..

Surviving Armageddon Solutions For A Threatened Planet

Pub Date : 2005-06-09 | Author : Bill McGuire | Publisher : OUP Oxford

ISBN 10 : 9780191501128
ISBN 13 : 0191501123

What do earthquakes, magma, asteroid 1950DA, and global warming have in common? Not only are they are all natural disasters already under way, but they are ones scientists are now ..

Apocalyptic Fiction

Pub Date : 2017-01-26 | Author : Andrew Tate | Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN 10 : 9781474233521
ISBN 13 : 147423352X

Visions of post-apocalyptic worlds have proved to be irresistible for many 21st-century writers, from literary novelists to fantasy and young adult writers. Exploring a wide range ..

Crisis In The Global Mediasphere

Pub Date : 2010-11-29 | Author : J. Lewis | Publisher : Springer

ISBN 10 : 9780230297708
ISBN 13 : 0230297706

Crisis in the Global Mediasphere examines the evolution of contemporary global crises as an effect of mediation and cultural change. The book argues that a crisis consciousness has..

Global Catastrophic Risks

Pub Date : 2008-07-03 | Author : Nick Bostrom | Publisher : OUP Oxford

ISBN 10 : 0191578495
ISBN 13 : 9780191578496

A global catastrophic risk is one with the potential to wreak death and destruction on a global scale. In human history, wars and plagues have done so on more than one occasion, an..

Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Erectile Dysfunction And Penile Implants End Your Silence Sadness Suffering And Shame

Pub Date : 2016-06-27 | Author : Rick Redner MSW | Publisher : Lulu.com

ISBN 10 : 9781483453903
ISBN 13 : 1483453901

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a thief. ED takes away physical and emotional intimacy. ED steals your confidence in the bedroom. ED robs you of your manhood. ED walks off with your s..

Waking The Giant

Pub Date : 2013-04-25 | Author : Bill McGuire | Publisher : Oxford University Press

ISBN 10 : 9780199678754
ISBN 13 : 0199678758

Argues that the rapid climate change will provoke geophysical events, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions...

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