The Snowflake: Winter’s Frozen Artistry

Take a deeper look at the unique, hidden beauty of winter with the world’s foremost snowflake expert and photographer. In 2003, The Snowflake: Winter’s Secret Beauty intrigued readers and reviewers with its breathtaking, close-up, highly detailed photographs of snow crystals. This new edition of the book retains the lighthearted, popular-science tone of the original and […]

The Nature of Light and Colour in the Open Air (Dover Books on Earth Scienc…

Rainbows, mirages, multiple moons, black snow, colored shadows, irridescent clouds, halos, green surf, and hundreds of other natural phenomena are clearly and simply explained in this unique book by Professor Minnaert of the University of Utrecht. Written with complete lucidity, it is a book not only for astronomers, physicists, and geographers, but also for artists […]

Oxford Handbook of Humanitarian Medicine (Oxford Medical Handbooks)

The Oxford Handbook of Humanitarian Medicine is a practical guide covering all aspects of the provision of care in humanitarian situations and complex emergencies. It includes evidence-based clinical guidance, aimed specifically at resource limited situations, as well as essential non-clinical information relevant for people working in field operations and development. The handbook provides clear recommendations, […]