Atmosphere, Weather and Climate

This book presents a comprehensive introduction to weather processes and climatic conditions around the world, their observed variability and changes, and projected future trends. Extensively revised and updated, this ninth edition retains its tried and tested structure while incorporating recent advances in the field. From clear explanations of the basic physical and chemical principles of […]

Alpine Plant Life

Recent years have seen renewed interest in the fragile alpine biota. The International Year of Mountains in 2002 and numerous international programs and initiatives have contributed to this. Since nearly half of mankind depends on water supplies originating in mountain catchments, the integrity and functional signi?cance of the upland biota is a key to human […]

Single Piles in Liquefiable Ground: Seismic Response and Numerical Analysis…

This thesis focuses on the seismic response of piles in liquefiable ground. It describes the design of a three-dimensional, unified plasticity model for large post-liquefaction shear deformation of sand, formulated and implemented for parallel computing. It also presents a three-dimensional, dynamic finite element analysis method for piles in liquefiable ground, developed on the basis of […]