Applied High-Resolution Geophysical Methods: Offshore Geoengineering Hazard…

The discipline encompassing the use of high-resolution geophysics for obtaining geoengineering survey data has evolved rapidly over the past decades to become an interdisciplinary subject encompassing the fields of Geophysics, engineering, geology, marine geology, oceanography, and civil engineering. While high-resolution geophysical surveys are routinely performed offshore today, this has been so only since the late […]

Basic Earthquake Engineering: From Seismology to Analysis and Design

This book provides senior undergraduate students, master students and structural engineers who do not have a background in the field with core knowledge of structural earthquake engineering that will be invaluable in their professional lives. The basics of seismotectonics, including the causes, magnitude, and intensity of earthquakes, are first explained. Then the book introduces basic […]

Masters of Uncertainty: Weather Forecasters and the Quest for Ground Truth

Though we commonly make them the butt of our jokes, weather forecasters are in fact exceptionally good at managing uncertainty. They consistently do a better job calibrating their performance than stockbrokers, physicians, or other decision-making experts precisely because they receive feedback on their decisions in near real time. Following forecasters in their quest for truth […]