Wastewater Hydraulics: Theory and Practice

The second, enlarged edition of this established reference integrates many new insights into wastewater hydraulics. This work serves as a reference for researchers but also is a basis for practicing engineers. It can be used as a text book for graduate students, although it has the characteristics of a reference book. It addresses mainly the […]

Snow (Little Toller Monographs)

Of all weathers, snow is the one that has always affected Marcus Sedgwick the most. While many people’s idea of the perfect holiday involves sun, sea an sand, he instead makes trips to cold, snowy parts of the world: Russia, Scandinavia or the Arctic Circle. A few years ago he bought a mountain home, an […]

Meteorology of Clouds

This publication is a presentation of cloud meteorology as experienced by a seasoned Aviation Meteorologist. It contains a comprehensive discussion of Cloud Meteorology, presenting explanations of cloud formation, cloud types and cloud dynamics, the atmospheric forces internal and external to cloud existence. It discusses the earths atmospheric-chaotic-nature and its impact on clouds and cloud systems. […]

Meteorology Manual: The practical guide to the weather

There is growing interest in learning about how weather systems are formed, what causes variations in the weather, and how to study and predict the movement of weather systems to enable accurate weather forecasting. This manual provides an easy-to-read introduction for newcomers to the subject, while providing a sufficient level of detail to prove useful […]

Understand The Weather: Teach Yourself

Understand the Weather is a comprehensive and practical guide to the workings of the atmosphere. It will ensure that you not only understand what causes changes in the weather on a local, national and global scale but that you can also fully interpret weather broadcasts and are able to make your own predictions. Packed full […]